Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Final Assessment

Throughout this course I have conquered many of my opposing battles. In the beginning of the course I struggled with creativity problems along side other classmates. Consequently I came up with a method to assist us all with this problem. In this post I allow the reader into my own little world for a brief moment informing them on how I come with my weekly blog post topics. This post shows that I have gained the ability to effectively consider the writing purpose as well as my audience. It also shows that I through this course learned to brainstorm and map ideas that are not only beneficial to me but others as well. The Adversities of  My Ancestors is a post where had experienced some types of racial stereotyping and decided to vent via my blog post. Therefore it serves two purposes to vent and inform others that not only racial stereotypes but various types still exist in today's society. Although I did not receive feedback on this post I believe that I accomplished effectively editing and proofreading because it took me a while to get this one done. It has been a pleasure to be apart of this course I have learned a lot. And plan to continue that learning through the book club that I am apart of starting a writing portion to all of our great reads and in order to improve our proofing reading and writing skills in general. We will proofread each others papers and improve that way.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

King of Meltdowns

"I'm intimidated by the fear of being average."
- Taylor Swift 

This week I chose to complete the king of meltdowns, essentially I had chosen this assignment because I thought that it would fairly easy. The "King of Meltdown" was described as the easiest assignment to found on ds106. It requires you to scour the internet for random and awkward photos of celebrities, which was the easy part. But the more difficult portion of the assignment would be finding a coordinating quote or joke that goes along with the quote. I chose this quote and photo because I am in my opinion different form the average African American male. And Taylor Swift in this photo exhibits her diversity and willingness to be different.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Dream

The first photo is  my dream of having a family something that I believe that every man dreams of. I cannot wait until to a wife to go home to, and spend the rest of my life with. The second photo demonstrates my dream of having a personal jet I know it may be a stretch but anything is possible, right? And the last photo is an expression of dream to be an ob/gyn in California and retire from a successful career.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What People Think I Do as a Black Man

The "What People think I do" meme has actually become very popular on the internet on social networks such as Facebook, and Twitter. Prior to this assignment I actually ran across a meme that struck my interest consequently I decided to attempt one of my own. Creating this meme was a very easy process, I logged onto and they provide the necessary template. Afterwards I gathered the photographs and my personal opinion on how society views African American men. Yes some may say that my opinion may be  bias but who knows the struggle of an African American male better than he does. .

The first picture on the left is a negative stereotype that is true for many but not all African American men, one that emphasizes the black men don't full take responsibility for their children and are forced to pay child support. Secondly, a lot men in general not only African American men think that they are "players" someone who sleeps with as many women as they possible can. The general public on the other hand thinks that we all smoke because there are some who portray that .On the contrary our mothers think the world of us and MOST believe that we are here doing what we sent here to do. Likewise our friends and close associates know only what we tell them which is often times little to nothing. Therefore their opinions are based solely on the activities that you both participate in such as basketball. Finally what we actually do varies from person to person but the majority of us attempt in various change or impact the world in some shape, form, or fashion.