Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dealing With Creativity Problems

Since we started this course, blog posts have been a requirement. And up until now I have been able to quickly establish a topic. This week I gathered my pencil and pad on Friday evening and now Tuesday afternoon I have just now began. When having creativity problems brainstorming is a great suggestion to start with. Think about the events you attended, the problems you solved both in and outside of this course. There is something throughout the week that you have dealt with that should strike you interest. Such as a critical analysis question you encountered on your Biology 102 exam, you can explain how your difficulties on the exam coincide with the difficulties of this course. In the process of dealing with creativity problems originality and enthusiasm are very important because if you are not eager to find a solution to your own problem than the end product will suffer consequently. Although being original in your creative process is extremely simple. The little things that you think of while walking around campus are themes you should run with. Frank Capra expresses it best, “A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.” So the next time you are walking around campus or discussing an assignment with your peers jot down the thought and refer to it when needed. And use these thoughts and ideas the next time you do a blog post and make it easier on yourself.


  1. Having creativity in this class is essential if you want success in this course so I totally agree with you

  2. I love the quote in your post. I have never thought about it in that way. I think I am going to start carrying around a little notebook and writing things down. It would be a good way to help me think about topics i want to write about for the blog posts. Interesting! I enjoyed reading this!