Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Adjusting To Uncomfortable Situations

Adjust is to make comfortable or suiting. There are times in our academic adventures and personal lives when we might feel that we are in a tumble drier of stressful situations. Frequently we get accustomed to our daily routines which makes even slight adjustments difficult to deal with. Coming into this hybrid English 101 course, I was surprised because I was unaware that I had enrolled into a hybrid course. But as the semester goes along and I become a little more open minded the course does not so bad. Being used to a traditional class setting meeting once a week is a huge adjustment and something both my fellow classmates and I are challenged with.

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  1. I had no idea I had enrolled in a Hybrid class either. I freaked out when we got to class the first day and she said it was hybrid! I was like oh lord! I didn't think you could learn a lot from an online class, but now that we have started to do all this work, i am quite fond of online classes. I think next semester and over the summer I will be doing most of my classes online. I really like doing things on my own time. The only bad thing is if you have problems with your computer. Then you are completely screwed.